Mojito Opera Cake

Will update for recipes, but here are the pictures:



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Back from hiatus, hopefully

I apologise for the lack of posting in a while.  See,  a few things happened between June and now. First, I had to resit my med exams, which was disheartening because I actually felt confident sitting them the first time.  As soon as I finished, I had to move to the new place because my old lease was running out. Had to organise electricity and phone line and all, so I was left out without internet for the entire months of July and August. I also had paediatrics for the first rotation and paeds had crazy hours. I had no time to cook proper food… Rotation 2 was in Nowra and I had to live in the nurse’s quarter without internet. Simply said, I had to rely on NSW Health internet access for the last 2 months which would not let me access WordPress at all.

Now that this is the break, I have a few updates ready… Will write soon.

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I’m back with salted caramel, walnut, and cream cheese ice cream!

Dear readers,

Sorry I’ve been away for a while due to my med school exams. Now that I’m done, I can do a bit more cooking and baking.

I guess this post starts with a random event occurring in the Graduate School of Medicine Continue reading

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Yay first post… Kaffir lime leaves and ginger tea.

OK, so this is not really my first attempt with food blogging. I’m previously known as the sartorial souffle, but I think this name suits me more because

1. I COOK in addition to BAKE. SartorialSouffle was very much baking oriented as the name suggests.

2. I’m not that sartorial after all. I love dressing up and stuff, but I’m more known as the neo-hippy guy who rides his blue bike to class and walks in to class barefooted.

3. As my new name suggests, I actually don’t like following recipes strictly. I’m more of a little bit of this, a little bit of that sort of cook.

For my very first post, I’m sharing with you my kaffir lime leaves and ginger tea recipe. No, no tea leaves in here.

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